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Advocacy - Together We Can!


VCA Annual Legislative Day
is held every January in Richmond. The Virginia Assembly is only in session for three months of the year, so this is the time to get involved. The event is FREE and is open to all interested in helping to make a difference!
The VCA Annual Legislative Day will be held on Monday, January 27, 2020 at the UR Downtown Richmond.  To register, go to 



Advocacy Relations Committee

The Advocacy Relations Committee is responsible for monitoring, reviewing, and taking appropriate action in consultation with the President, regarding state legislation and regulations that affect counseling. Federal legislation and regulation will also be monitored by the Advocacy Committee, with action as appropriate in concert with the American Counseling Association. The Chair(s) of this Committee are for a three-year term and serve as the Government Relations representative for Virginia and contact person with the ACA Advocacy Relations Committee through the regional chair. Get Involved!

Want to take action now? Do you feel strongly about an issue affecting counselors? Visit the Advocacy section of our Resources page. You can learn how to contact legislators, find out about important issues, and understand how money affects the politics that affect you.

Go to and look at the drop down menu under “Government Affairs.” Or you can go directly to “Take Action” at

Advocacy Committee 2019-2020

Advocacy Committee Chair: Jeff Lown,

VCA Lobbyist:  Becky Bowers-Lanier,

The Chair of this Committee is encouraged to attend the ACA Convention and to be active in the American Counseling Association-Southern Region (ACASR). The Advocacy Committee chair(s) is responsible for the following tasks:
  • Develop advocacy relations training for chapters and divisions
  • Facilitate the formulation and writing of VCA's legislative platform
  • Plan and host an annual Legislative Day to inform members about proposed laws or public policies that affect counselors, advocate for counselors through lobbying visits to elected representatives, and cultivate relationships between counselors and legislators.
  • Watch legislation of counseling concern in close liaison with VCA's lobbyist,
  • Help formulate strategies and positions, and direct lobbying efforts
  • Organize an advocacy relations telephone tree to alert chapters and divisions about evolving legislative and public policy issues of counseling concern that require a constituent response
  • Solicit, review, and approve or disapprove local legislative mini-grant program requests from chapters or divisions


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