Humanitarian and Caring Person of the Year Award
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The Humanitarian and Caring Person Award is an annual award established to recognize a member who truly cares for the welfare of others and who cares about social issues and problems. What is sought is the honoring of persons who give to others without fanfare or expectation of reward other than personal satisfaction in seeing other persons made happier or the social milieu given more integrity.


  1. The recipient shall be a member in good standing of the VCA in the year the award is made.
  2. The recipient shall be recognized as having:
    1. The greatest impact on the lives of others through caring;
    2. Evidenced concern about human beings in special ways through caring behavior, which is documented and generally recognized by peers;
    3. c. Involvement over a period of time in a cause or situation which benefits others, not self.
  3. Nomination packet is organized according to the guidelines listed below and clearly supports the nomination. Presentation of materials is also considered in the evaluation process.

Nomination Procedures

  1. Nominations for the Humanitarian and Caring Person of the Year Award may be submitted by VCA Chapters/Divisions or by individual members of VCA. The Nomination Packet should contain the following components:
    1. A letter of nomination clearly reflecting the reason the person is being nominated for the Humanitarian and Caring Person of the Year Award.
    2. Curriculum vitae or resume containing relevant biographical data including degrees and institutions; professional memberships, offices held, presentations, publications, etc.
    3. Up to three letters of support may be submitted from VCA members,the nominee’s supervisor,or knowledgeable colleagues providing further information in support of the nomination.
    4. Supporting materials should be limited to a 10-page limit and contain items that clearly relate to the award nomination.
    5. Nomination packet (or notebook) should be organized according to the following guidelines:
    • Cover page
    • Nomination form
    • Table of contents
    • Nomination letter
    • Curriculum vitae or resume of nominee
    • Supporting letters
    • Supporting material (limited to 10 pages)
  2. Mail completed packets to Awards Committee Chair or complete the online submission form by October 1.  If mailing notebook, mail to: Brandy Smith, 811 S College Ave, Salem, Virginia  24153
  3. Nominees who do not receive the award in one year are eligible for renomination in subsequent years; however, a new and/or updated Nomination Packet should be submitted.
  4. The Committee is free to obtain additional information it wishes about nominee. It is not required that nominators obtain the permission of nominees to submit their names; however, they are free to do so. The Committee will treat all information as confidential.

If the attachments for your submission exceed the slots available on the form, any extra attachments should be emailed as attachments to the Committee. You must still complete the online form. Email the Awards Committee Chair at

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