Inactive Chapters
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Inactive Chapters

Inactive ChaptersDo you live in one of these places? Many counties in Virginia have inactive chapters. Want to have local contacts and networking opportunities? Want to help other local counselors find their voice? Want to climb the ladder to a leadership position? YOU could reawaken a sleeping chapter!

Below are the official guidelines for (re-)forming a chapter. But you're not alone! VCA will help!!

Contact Chapter Council Chair Lakesha Roney, at

VCA Leadership Manual

VCA members are encouraged to promote and formally organize local chapters. The purposes of such groups are as follows:

  1. Foster the professional growth of members.
  2. Improve cooperation and understanding among counseling professionals in the community or communities involved.
  3. Hold regular meetings throughout the year.

The following is the procedure by which a local or regional group can become a chapter of the Virginia Counselors Association:

  1. Application through a petition addressed to the President of VCA accompanied by:
    1. A list of officers who shall be members in good standing of the chapter and of VCA.
    2. A membership list with at least fifteen (15) members.
    3. A constitution if available.
    4. A description of the current or planned program of the group.
  2. Consideration and approval by a majority of the members of the Board of Directors of VCA and a two-thirds vote of the members present at a business meeting of the Association.

Guidelines for Organizing a VCA Chapter

  1. Secure the assistance of two or three people in the area who are members of the ACA and of VCA.
  2. Obtain copies of the VCA Leadership Handbook.
  3. Develop a mailing list for potential membership:
    1. Secure lists of any college or community college counseling centers or student services personnel.
    2. Get lists of all elementary, junior, and senior high school guidance counselors with names and addresses.
    3. Invite managers of the Virginia Employment Commission offices and their Employment Counselors.
    4. Invite Rehabilitation Counselors from the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation.
    5. Invite all professional counselors licensed by the state of Virginia who reside or practice in the area.
    6. Secure lists of personnel in all community counseling or mental health centers.
    7. Secure lists of the area's major employers, managers and personnel managers from the Virginia Employment Commission office.
    8. Check VCA and ACA state mailing lists to determine VCA and ACA members living in the area.
  4. Call an organizational meeting to explain the purposes and benefits of a local chapter.

Chapter Finances

  1. A Chapter's dues shall be collected by the Director of Membership Services. A Chapter shall have management of its funds to be expended for local purposes.
  2. The VCA and Chapter membership year shall be twelve months with renewal on the anniversary of the date joined each year.
  3. Start-up funds may be loaned to chapters by VCA at the rate of $2.00 per member with a $200 minimum per year. Payments from chapter membership dues will be deducted before reimbursing chapters. Funds are granted by request. requests must be submitted to the President.

Relationship to VCA

The President of each recognized VCA Chapter serves as a member of the VCA Board of Directors. The VCA President communicates business matters and information relating to ACA (VCA Leadership Manual) and its divisions through VCA Chapter Presidents. The Chapter President serves as a representative who "feels the pulse" of his/her members regarding vital issues confronting VCA. The Chapter President also presents a report of Chapter activities at meetings of the Board of Directors and encourages the sharing of Chapter information through the VCA newsletter, The Virginia Counselor.

ByLaws: Article VIII

  1. Organization of Chapters. A Branch Chapter shall consist of persons who organize on the basis of a local geographic area within a Branch. All members of a Branch Chapter must hold concurrent membership in the Branch. A Chapter may be established by petition to the President, with a subsequent majority vote of the Board of Directors and a two-thirds vote of the members present at a business meeting. A Chapter must be composed of at least fifteen (15) Branch members.
  2. Chapter Officers. Elected Chapter officers shall be members in good standing of the Chapter and the Branch.
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